Pre-Work out of the day: Craze by Driven Sports


Everything about Craze™ has been designed based on the latest scientific research for sporting performance enhancement*. The Kinesis™ blend that makes up Craze™ begins with trimethylglycine (TMG). TMG has been suggested in a double-blind placebo-controlled study to support IMPROVED TRAINING PERFORMANCE AND LOWER FATIGUE in human subjects (4).* Another recent study published in the JISSN, also a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial, surmised that TMG supplementation may have promoted INCREASED POWER AND FORCE OUTPUT of participants that were asked to bench and squat, and those given TMG maintained the power and force ability throughout the workout (5).* TMG is believed to exert these effects due to it being a natural osmolyte (6).* By pulling water into cells TMG may help volumize the muscle, making it bigger, stronger and more resistant to fatigue.* It’s inclusion in Craze™ was as much of a no-brainer as the next component: creatine monohydrate.

The effect that creatine can have on muscle size is NOT just related to its ability to increase water retention. In fact, some studies have suggested that creatine can directly increase muscle size itself, and it can do this through a number of growth-regulating pathways.* Leucine is one of the main amino acids involved in protein synthesis and muscle-building, and creatine has been surmised, in a randomized placebo-controlled study, to lower rates of leucine oxidation (11) thus making more available for protein synthesis.* But creatine will not boost protein synthesis rates alone. In combination with resistance exercise like weight lifting, however, it is a different story. A study in twenty-two untrained male subjects suggests that weight lifting over a period of twelve weeks while supplementing with creatine had a SIGNIFICANT EFFECT ON MUSCLE SIZE versus placebo (12).* The effect was particularly significant in the type II muscle fibers – those with the highest potential for growth and force production (i.e. strength). A follow-up study – again double-blind, placebo-controlled – investigated the effects of creatine on myogenic regulatory factors over twelve weeks in twenty-two males. The study surmised that creatine increased the expression of myogenin and MRF-4 more than placebo (13).* Myogenin and MRF-4 are BIG PLAYERS in myosin heavy chain expression and building muscle.*

As you have seen, Craze™ is designed to support your workouts and enhance your progress.* We believe that you’ll agree with us that Craze™ MORE THAN lives up to this expectation. There are several other aspects of Craze™ that we feel to be incredibly important to your experience. These are FLAVOR, VALUE FOR MONEY and the fact that Craze™ DOES NOT USE CRAPPY FILLERS to pad out the product.

With Craze™ you take one scoop for a serving – maybe two for the more intense workouts. We are confident you won’t find yourself needing a higher and higher dose. We have seen other products that claim 45 servings per tub that you find yourself working up from 1-2 servings to 3-4 servings! That means a tub doesn’t last long! This just ROBS YOU of value for money, and no one wants to have to buy a new pre-workout product every week. With Craze™ you will NEVER NEED to go higher than two servings, and in fact SHOULD NEVER exceed two servings.

We also pride ourselves on not padding out the product will crappy fillers like maltodextrin. With Craze™ all you get is the great formula and the great taste. Nothing else.

It’s time to focus on MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE AT EVERY WORKOUT in order to make yourself the best you can be.


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