The first step to getting in shape!

Get the mind and pantry on the same path!

Clear out anything in your life that might hold you back from success:

If your cupboards are loaded with cookies, cakes, crackers and other junk, clean them out. Having these items around will only tempt you to make poor food decisions. Say goodbye to Oreos and Twinkies.


Although this might seem callous, take stock of people who will make your transformation more difficult. You need to surround yourself with people who will be supportive, not people who might want you to skip gym sessions or eat foods you shouldn’t. You need Adrians, not Paulies. During the beginning stages of your transformation, you should spend more time around those who will buoy you and less time around those who might drag you down.

While you can’t always control the people around you, you can clear the negativity from your mind. Your mentality is absolutely crucial to your success, so get your head straight: Instead of focusing on what will be difficult about this transformation (fitting in gym time, planning meals, having sore muscles, not being able to socialize in the same way), focus on the positive.

Consider ways to make your transformation work in your life. If you’re concerned about getting to the gym after work, go in the morning. If you’re worried about those Thursday lunch-meetings, suggest a healthier place to eat. You need to make your health the priority in your life. Once you do, it’s amazing how many people will follow.

If you constantly berate yourself for poor food choices or the way you look, replace this negative self-talk with more positive statements. Every time a negative statement comes to mind, replace it with two positive affirmations about what you’re doing well. This could be something like, ‘I chose a healthy chicken salad at lunch today,’ or ‘I made sure to drink 10 full glasses of water today.’ There’s no need to focus solely on huge accomplishments like fat loss or muscle gain; progress is progress, which means any small victory is significant.

When you replace negative thoughts with positive, you’ll build self-confidence and perpetual motivation. The more you focus on what you’re doing wrong or what you shouldn’t do, the more power you give negative actions and fears. Focus on what you want to do and shift your entire frame of mind.

Although it takes some time and energy to clean up your life, it’s much easier to start with a newly-dusted mindset and a cupboard that’s not full of constant temptation.


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