How to eat breakfast to be nutritious


“General nutrition breakfast needs: 1. Fruits and vegetables: such as lettuce salad, small tomatoes, apples 2. Drinks: orange juice, kiwi juice, soy milk, milk 3. staple food: bread, porridge, pasta 4, side dishes: cold kelp Wait for side dishes 5. Add meals before lunch: walnuts, almonds and other nuts can meet the morning meal needs, but these ordinary people can not make nutritious breakfast recipes (1): minced meat porridge, bean paste, celery dried tofu. Minced meat Vegetable porridge: japonica rice, glutinous rice, minced meat, spinach, carrots, bean paste: flour, red bean paste, preserved fruit, dried celery tofu: celery, dried tofu silk, wild white silk, shiitake mushrooms, nutrition breakfast recipe (2): oatmeal, vegetable Meat bag, assorted pickles. Oatmeal: oatmeal, shredded ham, carrots,

parsley. Meat bag: flour. minced meat. Pickled Chinese cabbage. Dried tofu. Shiitake mushrooms.”


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