Jon "Bones" Jones - Cuts?

Skill Breakdown Charts are compiled based on results from all fights. Total Fights: 11 Record: 15-1-0 Summary: Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Fighter Info Nickname: Bones From: Rochester, NY USA Fights Out Of: Endicott, NY USA Age: 24 Height: 6′ 4″ ( 193 cm ) Weight: 205 lb ( 93 kg ) College: Iowa Central Degree: [...]




Felix in Taipei - Red Bull Athlete

Felix Baumgartner constantly challenges his limits while pushing the physical boundaries of human flight. In 2003, Felix completed an unprecedented winged freefall across the English Channel, and he has had his eye on the supersonic grail ever since. With a team of the world’s top scientists, engineers, and doctors behind him, he’s ready to rewrite [...]











Multivitamin of the Day- Anavite( Gaspari Nutrition)

The Ultimate Performance Enhancing Multivitamin Supplement ANAVITE is far beyond a normal multivitamin. It’s really 3 supplements in 1. An athlete’s multivitamin/mineral formula with optimal doses of Beta-Alanine and Carnipure™ (L-Carnitine L-Tartrate) for vastly promoting increased endurance and nitric oxide levels while reducing recovery time, thus optimally supporting aerobic and anaerobic athletic performance.* Fully loaded [...]



Muscle Builder of the Day- Con-CrEt

WHY CON-CRET? The Future Of Creatine Is CON-CRET! Creatine Hydrochloride is revolutionary as presented at the 2009 ISSN World Conference in New Orleans. Customer survey results showed 99% of CON-CRET users will refer a friend Bodybuilding.com Creatine Supplement of the Year Nominee 2009 Exclusive Sponsor of M&F Raw Choice of Strength & Conditioning Coaches Essential [...]



Top 5 Selling Supplements

Top selling supplements check it out: Top 5 -  Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey Supported Goal: Build Muscle Main Ingredient: Whey Protein MusclePharm Assault Supported Goal: Pre-Workout Boosters Main Ingredient: Nitric Oxide USPlabs Jack3d Supported Goal: Pre-Workout Boosters Main Ingredient: Nitric Oxide Optimum Opti-Men Supported Goal: Health & Wellness Main Ingredient: Multivitamins MusclePharm Combat Powder [...]







Watchyourcuts.com Official Press Release | WYC | 2012

 Official Press Release for Watchyourcuts.com | Watch Your Cuts | WYC   February, 2012 www.watchyourcuts.com , Los Angeles The media revolution is upon us, Watchyourcuts.com has finally arrived. Many people have been anticipating this long arrival of Watchyourcuts.com. The worlds first ever media-hub for fitness models, bodybuilding, physiques, work-outs, nutrition, sports,supplements, gyms, and more. The [...]